Behind The Wheel For Teens

Behind The Wheel Teens

(License Includes)

Behind the wheel, the program is mandatory by Virginia DMV for all teenagers (under 18) to complete to receive their license.



One On One Driving for Teens

                                   (License not included)
After getting your learner’s permit, it is time to learn how to drive. Drive Well Driving School offers personalized sessions to meet the needs and improve the skills of each driver.

What Our Students Say

Driving school review aldie
Nathan Mathew Chantilly

It was great
I enjoyed learning driver's education classes about how to drive. It took some time for me. I made some mistakes along the way and I learned. I am happy to have achieved my driver’s license. I love driving and I always practice more and as I practice more and more, I continue to get better. Learning how to drive is definitely worth it. If you’re thinking about it, then go for it. You can learn how to transport yourself to different places. So if you’re interested in driving, give it a try!

driving school review Ashburn
Caitlin D Ashburn

I just finished my lessons with an AMAZING instructor!! As a nervous new driver, I was hesitant to even sign up for lessons, but all of my fears settled after the first & second lessons! He was so patient & calm when working with me & made sure that I understood the techniques necessary to become a responsible driver. The lessons progressed tailored to my learning pace, and he made sure that I was comfortable with each section before we moved on.

Sara Aldie

I really think I learned a lot and had a great experience. I had 5 lessons and felt really comfortable the whole time. The instructor taught very well and was calm throughout all my lessons. As a new driver that’s important. I actually ended up getting 2 more lessons, since they were really helping me improve. I would totally recommend it!

After you pass your learners permit test, it is finally time to hit the road! We offer personalized Teen Behind The Wheel sessions to meet the needs and improve the skills of each driver. Our experienced instructors focus our sessions on staying safe, avoiding collisions, and gaining confidence.

Additionally, our instructors will provide helpful tips on passing your driving examination when the time finally arrives.

Teen Behind The Wheel Test:

Per Virginia state regulations, we offer seven 50-minute behind-the-wheel sessions, and seven 50-minute sessions observing another driver.

In Virginia, obtaining a driver’s license requires passing both a written Teen Behind The Wheel and a behind-the-wheel driving test. The behind the wheel test evaluates the ability of the teenager to drive safely and confidently in various real-world scenarios. A licensed driving instructor administers the test, typically including changing lanes, making turns, and parking. Once the teenager successfully passes both the written Teen Behind The Wheel and the behind-the-wheel test, they will be issued a driver’s license, allowing them to operate a vehicle on Virginia roads legally. Therefore, teenagers must take the process seriously and prepare thoroughly to become responsible and safe drivers.

Behind The Wheel Test Requirements:
  •  Valid Virginia’s learner’s permit.
  •  Driver’s Education certificate DEC-1 (online or classroom).
  •  The driving experience of 45 hours (30hrs in the daytime and 15hrs in the nighttime).

Driving school also offers a structured and comprehensive curriculum that covers all the essential aspects of driving. From learning how to navigate the vehicle and basic maneuvers such as parking and reversing, to understanding traffic laws and regulations, driving school ensures that young drivers are well-equipped to handle any situation that they may face while driving.

Another important benefit of driving school is the opportunity for young drivers to gain valuable driving experience in a safe and controlled environment. Driving school provides a structured and supervised setting for students to practice driving, away from the distractions and risks of public roads. This helps build confidence and improves driving skills, which ultimately contributes to improved safety on the road.

Teen Behind The Wheel, a driving school offers an opportunity for young drivers to develop positive driving habits, attitudes, and behaviors that promote safe driving. Driving school instructors reinforce the importance of driving safely, responsibly, and courteously, and they help students understand the consequences of reckless driving.

As teenagers approach their sixteenth birthday, one of the most exciting rites of passage is obtaining their driver’s license. However, before a teenager can be licensed to operate a vehicle on public roads, they must complete behind-the-wheel training. This is where Drive Well Driving School comes in as a crucial part of the process.

Drive Well Driving School is committed to teaching teenagers the ins and outs of driving, with an emphasis on safety at all times. The school provides expert guidance and training for all levels of experience, from absolute beginners to those who have driven a bit already. For teenagers looking to earn their driver’s license, Drive Well Driving School is the perfect choice, helping young drivers from their first encounter with a vehicle to their final exam.

Experts agree that it’s important for teenagers to get good driving habits and skills instilled in them. The earlier a young person learns proper driving techniques, the better equipped they’ll be to navigate the roads safely and responsibly. A comprehensive behind-the-wheel training program like Drive Well Driving School can make all the difference in helping teens develop these skills.

Teenagers who are eager to get behind the wheel and start driving can rely on the instructors at Drive Well Driving School to provide expert guidance, instruction, and support. This driving school for teens has a team of experienced professional teachers who provide quality education and encourage teenagers to develop the right attitudes towards driving.

The program at Drive Well Driving School is designed to offer personalized instruction that is tailored to each teenager’s unique needs. The school’s certified instructors have extensive experience working with teenagers, and introduce a curriculum that emphasizes safety while also helping the young driver improve their driving skills more effectively. The behind-the-wheel training provided by this driving school helps teens feel confident in their abilities, with the aim of reducing their risk of accidents.

Another benefit of choosing Drive Well Driving School is that the training program is available near most locations. Instead of worrying about traveling far from home, finding a reliable driving school near me can lead to a better experience for both the teenager and the parents. Teens will be able to learn how to drive on the local roads and gain familiarization with different driving conditions they may encounter.

Drive Well Driving School has a mission to create safe, skilled, and confident drivers. The best driving schools for teens don’t just focus on getting their students to pass their driver’ s test; they also take their responsibility to ensure that the students are ready to be responsible and safe drivers once they earn their licenses seriously.

With professional services that include both classroom and hands-on instruction, students at Drive Well Driving School get the best of both worlds. The lessons provided are comprehensive encompassing all aspects of driving including safety, regulations, and the habits of the road. Furthermore, students will develop practical skills, such as maintaining safe speed, being aware of their surroundings, and understanding emergency techniques and responses to unexpected situations.

Finally, the cost of Drive Well Driving School is relatively affordable. This factor, in particular, is quite important for parents of teenagers who are usually meticulous in managing their finances. Aside from the quality of educational services and instructors, this driving school near me also provides quality education at an accessible price.

In summary, selecting a reliable driving school like Drive Well Driving School can help teenagers build their foundational driving skills in a safe, supportive environment. The benefits of choosing such a professional training program are many, including personalized instruction and access to a knowledgeable, experienced staff. Ultimately, investing in the best driving school for teens can pave the road to being confident, responsible drivers, with skills that will keep them safe for a lifetime.

How to Enroll in the Behind The Wheel course

Enrolling in theBehind The Wheel course Drive Well Driving School offers is easy. The following are the steps to enroll:

  1. Visit the Drive Well Driving School website and click on the “Behind The Wheel Course” tab.
  2. Register for the course by completing the online registration form and paying the course fee.
  3. Log in

Drive Well’s Behind The Wheel program also includes key components focused on sometimes overlooked but equally important driving parts. This means learning about pedestrian and bicycle safety, handicapped parking, fuel-efficient driving practices, motorcycle awareness, and organ and tissue donation awareness.

Our Behind The Wheel use engaging learning methods to cover safe driving techniques, Virginia road rules, and how to avoid collisions, explicitly focusing on content tested on the Virginia learners permit test. That way, you can feel confident that you will ace your test and feel comfortable sitting behind the wheel for the first time. 

Note: After signing up, please pay the course fee through Venmo or a credit card (Square) , and our DMV-approved Vendor will send you a signup link through email within 24 hours. 

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