Driving School in Chantilly VA

Our Reviews

Ben SimonsBen Simons
19:03 18 May 24
Very good instructor, was nice and gave tips throughout the whole 7 days
Tony FTony F
23:44 16 May 24
Sal is the best!! Very helpful and easy to talk to. I finsihed and 7 easy days and the schedule was very flexible, I definitely recommend!
Mateo MorenoMateo Moreno
17:54 11 May 24
Very good driving school with good tips on how to better your driving.
Sarah HossainSarah Hossain
21:57 19 Apr 24
Sal gave very good feedback on my errors and significantly helped with my anxiety while driving. I highly recommend.
19:44 07 Apr 24
21:28 27 Mar 24
I got my license within a week, I would heavily advise driving with drivewelldrivingschool. They take precautions such as having a break pedal on the instructors side and a rear view mirror. The instructor corrects what you do wrong while you're driving and he's very alert. There's free pick up and drop off and different behind the wheel courses on their website such as paying for the full 45 hours you need before taking your drivers test, or taking a week course to practice to get your drivers license. Very happy with my license, had a great experience.
reza mohammadireza mohammadi
19:02 27 Mar 24
Had a very good session with Sal. Very professional and he used the time perfectly to show me the main things required to drive safely and to pass the test too.
Jasleen KaurJasleen Kaur
19:38 20 Mar 24
It was an interesting and knowledgeable class. The instructor was patient during every lesson and the classes were also scheduled and rescheduled well according to my availability. Great and recommended classes!
Fajor AhmedFajor Ahmed
01:34 05 Mar 24
great school, very reasonable
fakhria naistanifakhria naistani
17:53 04 Mar 24
I had great experience learning my driving first time ever with Salman sir, he was a very patient, calm, and well mannered instructor. He took time to guide me about theory as well as practical of driving. He always calmed me down when I was anxious. He corrected me multiple times without getting annoyed. He always gave me encouragement that I can learn and drive like everyone else inspite of no driving experience. Starting from scratch, today I was able to drive on road, the credit goes to my instructor. I highly recommend Drive Well Driving School.
Fariha SadatFariha Sadat
18:38 20 Feb 24
Mr. Sal was the best teacher I have ever had. My experience with this school was great. The instructions were clear and very useful for me, thank you sir.
Nataliia DomalevskaNataliia Domalevska
16:18 04 Dec 23
It is a great driving school. Sal is the best teacher ever!
Mitali SrivastavaMitali Srivastava
13:40 28 Nov 23
I took driving lessons as well as Behind the Wheel, and both experiences were great. The instructions were always clear with lots of beneficial feedback and advice.
00:44 20 Nov 23
Great experience, really friendly and great advice. Really flexible. Would definitely recommend teens for license.
J ChavezJ Chavez
22:07 17 Nov 23
Amazing flexibility and great service glad I have my license now and got it through them
17:43 11 Nov 23
Salman Sir has been exceptional Instructor.He was very patient clearing doubts for Basic Driving Skills and Techniques and Road Signs while driving.Thank you for the guidance👍👍
19:51 10 Sep 23
My instructor, Mohamad, was very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable when it came to driving. The overall behind the-wheel course was very smooth, and I have learned a lot from it. He was such a good instructor that I passed the first time. I would recommend Drive Well Driving School to everyone!
Shahd ZarrougShahd Zarroug
00:01 20 Aug 23
I did private lessons and behind the wheel for adults with Sal. My overall experience was wonderful. He’s a great instructor and created an individualized plan just for me that focused on my weak points and how to get me to be the best driver possible. After completion of the course, I now feel confident enough to drive!
noor diabnoor diab
18:57 25 Mar 23
The whole experience of Behind the Wheeling with Drive Well Driving School taught me so much! My instructor remained patient with me, and taught me tips I didn’t know before about driving. I know I’ll be using these helpful tips for the rest of my driving. During my driver’s test, I was very nervous, but my instructor remained patient with me and created a safe testing atmosphere. This was truly a beneficial and helpful experience that will carry on with me!
Driving School Near Chantilly VA

Driving School in Chantilly VA

Let Drive Well driving school near Chantilly VA help you get on the road confidently and safely! Our trained staff of drivers provides you with expert instruction in car handling and defensive driving. We are dedicated to providing you the best Drivers Education experience possible, ensuring that you go out into the world fully prepared for your behind-the-wheel test. With our driving school in Chantilly, you won’t have to worry about travelling long distances for decent drivers education services – just look for ‘driving schools near me’ and pick us! Join us today and let’s take this important step together!

Drive Well Driving School in Chantilly, Virginia, is a top-rated driving school that offers high-quality driving instruction to individuals of all ages and experience levels. In addition, drive Well driving school provides various services to help drivers become safe, confident, and responsible behind the wheel.

primary services

One of the main services provided by Drive Well Driving School is behind the wheel instruction in Chantilly. This type of instruction is essential for individuals who want to learn how to drive in real-world situations. During behind-the-wheel instruction, students will get hands-on experience operating a vehicle while under the guidance of a licensed driving instructor. The instructor will provide instruction and feedback on areas where the student needs improvement, helping to ensure they become safe and competent drivers.

Drive Well Driving School in Chantilly also provides a variety of other driving instruction services. These include driver’s education classes, defensive driving classes, and online courses. The driver’s education classes are designed to provide comprehensive instruction on the rules of the road, traffic laws, and safe driving practices. The defensive driving classes are intended for individuals who want to learn how to avoid accidents and drive safely in challenging conditions. Finally, online courses are a convenient option for individuals who want to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Drive Well Driving School in Chantilly also provides a variety of other driving instruction services. These include driver’s education classes, defensive driving classes, and online courses.  drive safely in challenging conditions. own schedule.

Behind the Wheel Driving School Chantilly
Benefits of Drive Well Driving School in Chantilly

Benefits of Drive Well Driving School

One of the benefits of Drive Well Driving School in Chantilly is its convenient location. As a driving schools in Chantilly VA, it is easily accessible for students who live or work in the area. This makes it a popular choice for individuals who are searching for a driving school near me. The school is located in a central location in Chantilly, making it easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

In addition to its convenient location, Drive Well Driving School in Chantilly also boasts highly qualified and experienced instructors. All instructors at the school are licensed by the state of Virginia and have extensive experience teaching driving skills to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The instructors are patient, friendly, and knowledgeable, ensuring that students feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

Another benefit of Drive Well Driving School in Chantilly is its flexible scheduling options. The school offers both weekday and weekend classes, as well as morning, afternoon, and evening classes. This makes it easy for students to schedule their driving instruction around their busy schedules, allowing them to fit it in whenever is most convenient for them.


Wondering, how?

Our educational program is intended to meet the formative necessities of yourself and your children, and it entails learning with profoundly qualified instructors.

Together, we will make each session count 

Driving School in Chantilly VA, will not simply help you in becoming a lot more secure and a more brilliant driver, yet, in addition, it will help you safeguard others when driving by cohering to the standard practices of the road. 

Our driving schools in Chantilly VA endeavors to moderate the mistakes that are made while sitting in the driver’s seat. We render fundamental just as much as protective driving exercises, which are built to be strikingly useful and easy to comprehend.

What you will learn 

In general, similar to any other city, at Drive Well Driving School, the services are about commonsense issues on the roads, refreshed traffic rules, and high-hazard conduct on the roads. But here, our driving instructors will make every possible effort to boost your learning potential with each session.

Driving School in Chantilly VA

Discover Our Driving School Packages and Prices

Driver Education Online Course

$ 140
  • 30 hours online driver's education course for teens and adults.
  • Available 24/7, Start any day.
  • Do it at your convenience.
  • You must be at least 15 years old to enroll in this online driver's education course.
  • When you pass the final test, please call us to process the certificate.
  • Note: Please make online payment through Venmo or credit card and our DMV approved vendor will send you a link to start this course.

Teens Driving License

(License included)
$ 350
  • Behind the wheel, the program is mandatory by Virginia DMV for all teenagers (under 18) to complete to receive their license.
  • Seven days course (road test included).
  • Fifty minutes driving per day.
  • Fifty minutes observation per day.
  • Free pick up and drop off.
  • Requirements:
  • Valid Virginia’s learner’s permit.
  • Driver’s Education certificate DEC-1 (online or classroom).
  • The driving experience of 45 hours (30hrs in daytime and 15hrs in nighttime).

One On One Driving for Teens

(License not included)
  • After getting your learner’s permit, it is time to learn how to drive. Drive Well driving school offers to personalize sessions to meet the needs and improve the skills of each driver. These packages are designed for new drivers and individuals seeking to enhance their driving skills.
  • One class, 75 mins: $85
  • 3 classes, 60 mins each: $200
  • 3 classes, 75 mins each: $250
  • 5 classes, 60 mins each: $300
  • 5 classes, 75 mins each: $365
  • 7 Classes, 60 minutes each: $400
  • 7 Classes, 75 minutes each: $499
  • 10 Classes, 75 minutes each: $725
  • 20 hours training: $1165
  • 45 hours training: $2560