Adult Behind The Wheel

Behind the wheel adults: Our services are perfect for any adult looking to obtain their Virginia State Driver’s License. We recognize that adults learn differently than teenagers and therefore tailor our behind-the-wheel training sessions for an adult-oriented learning style.

Our experienced instructors provide useful insight on not only how to pass the driving examination, but also on staying safe and confident in any driving situation.

In accordance with Virginia state regulations, we offer seven 50-minute behind-the-wheel sessions and seven 50-minute sessions observing another driver.

See how our adult-specific behind-the-wheel sessions can help you get your license as soon as possible!

Adult Behind the Wheel

(License included)
$ 400
  • This program is for those who want to Waive off the DMV 60 days requirement of holding the learner’s permit and road test.
  • 7 days course
  • 50 minutes of driving per day
  • 50 minutes of observation per day
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • License included upon passing successfully.
  • Requirements:
  • A valid learner’s permit
  • Driver’s Education certificate
  • This program is not for new or inexperience drivers.

Adult one on one Training

  • We understand that adults learn differently than teenagers; therefore, Our behind the wheel training sessions for an adult-oriented learning style.
  • One class, 75 mins: $80
  • 3 classes, 80 mins each: $235
  • 5 classes, 80 mins each: $345
  • 7 Classes, 80 minutes each: $480
  • 7 Classes, 60 minutes each: $400